Brokerage and energy of UADBB „Legator“ are focused on the insurance which is for the benefit of a client

UADBB „Legator“ is a professional and reliable insurance brokers company which welcomes constant communication and mutual confidence. After 20 years of work, we ideally understant wishes and expectations of our clients. Referring to them, we are able to offer the insurance services and the risk management solutions conforming to the modern needs and the highest quality standard to any business and private clients.

We are trusted because we are different.

Since 1997, when UADBB „Legator“ obtained a permit for brokerage business, we have intensively cooperated with businesses and are aware that we must differ from other brokers. We believe that when it comes to the protection of Your the most precious possession, the needs of everyone are different. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the insurance business, we are able to offer individual insurance solutions as well as to take care that in case of any event, the smooth claims management and damage control would be the most important aspects in assessing our Company.

Strong team.

Loyal and competent employees is the foundation for success of our Company. As currently over 45 mutidisciplinary specialists work in our Company, You will be adviced on any insurance-realted issues by professionals in their field.

Excellent relations with partners.

Stron relationship with leading insurers and specialized services providers means that we are able to provide You better insurance terms and a higher level of services for a rather competitive price. We specialize in the field of non-life insurance and mediate in selling the products of other non-life insurance companies operating in Lithuania and abroad.

Why Legator?

We are dynamic – respond promptly and flexibly to the needs of our client.

We are client-focused – seek to know the business of our clients as well as ours.

We are innovative – permanently develop and improve insurance solutions

We efficient – expand network of partners by creating the value added to our clients.