Insurance and business risk solutions

Overviews of risk offered by LEGATOR are carried out by qualified and experienced specialists. One of the most important strategic tasks of a company operating in any market is indeed the business risk reduction up to an acceptable level. Management of insurance and business risk helps to determine the weakest and any potential problem-causing links in a timely manner as well as to identify the insurance priorities based on the data analysis; as a result, risk can be minimised in time. In addition, we also analyse the current insurance services portfolio, taking account of the insurance against excess risk, this way reducing current premiums.

Early anticipation of necessity of the insurance contracts and the prospective premiums will help You to avoid any potential losses and threats and You will be able to save the costs of risk management. Innovative, systematic, integrated solutions permitting the companies to constantly observe, assess the operational risk factors, to model and forecast the risk impact and any potential consequences are essential for the successful business.

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Upon analysis of Your individual needs, our specialists will ensure:

  • Individual insurance contracts according to Your business risk analysis.
  • Solutions reducing insurance costs.
  • Competitive terms related to insurance cover provided and risks covered.
  • Comprehensive consultations, taking account of special nature of Your business.
  • Proposals for improvement of Your company‘s unprofitability, in order to reduce the number of insured events.