Insurance audit

The LEGATOR team carries out a comprehensive and professional audit of the insurance contracts, taking account of the special nature of Your business and any potential risk factors. Audit of the insurance contract will help to identify any gaps in the current and not yet signed insurance contracts, to assess any factors which may cause problems in the future, and to find the most optimal solutions. We will make sure that the terms and conditions of the signed/ being concluded contract will protect You from any potential losses and threats, and that the amount of the insurance premium paid conforms to the insurance service quality and the market standards.

The signed insurance contract not always produces the desired results and, unfortunately, very often the clients are unable to see the gaps in their contract. This reason prevents fulfilment of the obligations and full payment of the amounts specified in the contract, or in some cases a part of the responsibility is attributed to customers. Contact us and the audit of Your insurance contracts will be carried out by the experts in this field who have interest in well-being of their clients.

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We offer You:

  • Assessment of the current insurance portfolio and efficiency of the risk management.
  • Systematization of the insurance contracts.
  • Determination and assessment of covered/ noncovered risks.
  • Identification of any factors affecting the insurance costs of Your company.