Claims Handling

Trust all claims handling issues to the professional LEGATOR Complaints Administration Team. For over 15 years, our company has a Complaints Regulatory Division consisting of 6 highly qualified specialists with legal and technical background. Our employees are well-experienced in claim administration and representation in the courts, which they gained while working in the largest insurance companies. Every year, we solve on average over 3600 different types of insurance claims, adjusting more than 10 million. EUR insurance claims.


LEGATOR claims managers fully represent the interests of clients in the event of an insured event and supervise the entire damage management process from the registration of the event to the receipt of the benefit:

  • We provide a full information on how to behave in the event of an incident.
  • We offer a professional help in registering the damage, carrying out an analysis of the circumstances of the incident and helping to collect the necessary documentation for investigation of the insured events.
  • We fully represent our clients in contact with both the insurance company and the other competent institutions.

Our specialists have a successful experience in negotiating with insurance companies and representing clients in disagreements over:

  • Recognition of events as prohibited.
  • Legal assessment of the event.
  • Fees for payment / refusal to pay insurance benefits.
  • Determining the amount of insurance benefits.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • We mediate for exclusive solutions.
  • We mediate on litigation.
  • We regulate the damage solely in accordance with foreign law.
  • We provide legal opinions on decisions made by insurers.
  • We provide a wide range of consultations.

Consulting and regulation of claims in Lithuania and abroad

At the request of our clients, we administer cases under foreign law in order to reimburse the company for the loss of income due to events. We help to coordinate rental of substitute cars, organization of rescue of the property, sales of the remains of the lost assets in Lithuania and abroad, as well as organization and control of repairs. We carry out pre-trial recovery of claims for damages or other contractual obligations.

Regulation of claims in foreign countries without informing the insurer about the incident.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we directly regulate the damage with the victims from abroad, thus improving the claims ratio of the company’s fleets. Long-term experience in the insurance business allows you to offer not only individual insurance solutions but also to ensure that in the case of an accident, the claims would be handled smoothly and effectively.

External claims manager‘s service

Qualified specialists of LEGATOR with higher university legal education, fluent in Russian, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and French, offer professional assistance as follows:

  • Administration of the events related to damage or loss of cargo.
  • Preparation of responses to the claims made.
  • Dealing with any other events, as for e.g. traffic accidents, events in the result of which losses may incur.
  • Assurance of smooth claim settlement process and recovery of any insurance benefits due from insurance companies in Lithuania and abroad.

We will assign a specialist for Your company who will communicate with drivers and managers of your company after the event. Also we will carry out permanent analysis and accounting for the events, organise trainings for drivers, logistics managers of your company and for administration workers on CMR convention and introduction of preventive measures. We will directly negotiate on reimbursement of losses with the aggrieved.


We work efficiently and professionally. Contact us now if you need advice on claims settlement.