Trainings intended for damage prevention in transport companies

According to different programs and individual orders we organise trainings and seminars for business leaders, managers and vehicle drivers. The basic goal of trainings is to help businesses to regulate frequency of their damage by following the loss management and prevention system develped by our specialists and by efficiently managing any risks, this way reducing the claims ratio of the company and ensuring the image of a disciplined, attractive company before the insurers. The services are provided to transport, production businesses of various sizes engaged in international and domestic passenger and freight transport.

The LEGATOR claims settlement unit has operated for over 15 years. Our specialists not only handle insurance issues of the clients, but also do their best to identify reasons of damage in transport companies as well as to introduce relevant preventive measures. Thanks to our knowledge gained during long-standing operation, Your company will be able to make savings, to monitor loss in a more efficient manner, and Your employees and management will be presented with the potential ways to tackle the consequences.

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Preventive trainings organised by our Company will help You to:

  • Thoroughly analyse any loss-making routes and to conduct the causation analysis.
  • Draw up an action plan if a traffic event occurs.
  • Introduce preventive measures which will help to monitor employees of the company.
  • Set up an accident reduction policy.
  • Carry out theoretical testing of drivers, provide consultations on any relevant issues.

We resolve the problems of our clients from the very beginning in order to prevent them. If You have any questions or wish to register for trainings, please contact our team for further information.