Industrial and manufacturing insurance

As many as 800 clients of industrial and manufacturing sector
receive our assistance in successful management of their risk portfolio.

Industrial and manufacturing sector is inevitably confronted with various risks which directly affect business activities. Losses resulting from any possible fire, production equipment failures, workers‘ traumas and other factors give rise to the highest concern. In business practice it is important not only to know how to assess and manage such risks, but also to be able to reduce them. Comprehensive risk analysis conducted by the LEGATOR specialists will provide Your company with the opportunity to prepare for any potential unfavourable events and to reduce any expected losses up to the minimum by selecting for You the most relevant insurance products.

  • We will analyse Your business processes and will offer the efficient ways of managing risk.
  • We will help Your business to be adequately covered against any external risks by providing individual insurance solutions.
  • We will efficiently manage Your insurance portfolio.
  • If an event arises, the specialists of the claims settlement unit will provide legal consultations and will help to receive the insurance benefit, not incurring losses resulting from disruption of business or outstanding committments with regard to business partners.

Irrespective of whether You are a small company or a large group of companies, You are welcome to consult insurance brokers of LEGATOR on what insurance cover would be the most efficient and the most relevant for Your business.

General civil liability insurance for companies is intended to reimburse the damage caused by the company or its employees to third parties: their property, health and life. We suppose that the civil liability insurance is not only a required but also a necessary condition for protection of own business since none of companies is not shielded from errors or losses which may be caused to others. At times, extent of the damage caused may be exceptionally high and then absence of the insurance cover gives rise to serious financial losses. We provide comprehensive consultations on the general civil liability insurance and guarantee our legal assistance in case of any insured event.

Every company is responsible for its employees and their safe working conditions, therefore in case of any injury or death of an employee at work, on the way to and from work, every time the employer is exposed to risk to be held responsible for such events. We will help to reimburse any necessary medical treatment costs of Your employee, any foregone earnings, non-material damage, court and other expenses.

The Legator insurance specialists offer comprehensive consultations on the insurance cover conditions and help to select the insurance cover conforming to the needs of the company in the best way possible.

Professional civil liability insurance is intended to protect business clients from any potential material losses against third parties, where damage is caused to their property, health or life in the result of pursuit of professional activities. This insurance is intended for any companies which are most often engaged in riskier commercial activities that could cause damage to third parties. Contact our insurance experts and we will consult You on the advantages offered by the insurance, calculate the competitive insurance price and will take care that Your professional civil liability receives adequate cover.

We will help You to adequately protect real and movable property owned by Your company along with any other additional insurance objects (investments to buildings, premises, real property and inventories, work acceleration costs, etc.).

  • buildings, their engineering equipment, investments to buildings;
  • facilities, tools, furniture, inventory, computer equipment, advertising stands;
  • made production, raw material, fuel, goods, unfinished production;
  • envisaged investments;
  • cash and other securities;
  • co-location in residential houses.

We could help to protect Your business from any consequences occurred in the company in the result of the insured event causing material damage in the result of which activities of the company were ceased or discontinued (as for e.g. production). The following potential financial losses are covered by the insurance policy:

  • loss of profit from the company‘s activities;
  • fixed costs;
  • additional costs;
  • necessary justified expenses;
  • other individually discussed financial losses.

Manager civil liability insurance is intended for the company employees taking responsible decisions and helps to indemnify losses incurred to the company or any third parties in the result of irrelevant acts of the managers.
LEGATOR offers solutions related to the risk of various types:

  • director and manager responsibility risk;
  • business continuity risk;
  • risk related to attempt to commit fraud;
  • operational risk;
  • merger and acquisition risk.

We provide comprehensive consultations to companies on the insurance regulations, coverage extent and exceptions applied. We will offer individual solutions to Your company based on specific nature and structure of Your business and will fully represent You during the insured event.

Our insurance specialists will help You to control the risk of insolvency of purchasers in both cases, when trading domestically and also when exporting. If You take out the commercial credit insurance, Your business will be protected from any irrecoverable debts, You will better know Your current and potential clients and in case of any delays You will be able to make use of the debt recovery services provided by the credit insurance companies.

Insurance broker „Legator” cooperates with the world commercial credit insurance leaders, such as Euler Hermes, Coface, Atradius. We provide comprehensive consultations on the commercial credit insurance issues and help to develop the efficient credit management solutions adapted to the specific needs of clients.

We will help to protect employees or groups of employees of Your company from accidents at work or 24 hours per day:

  • insurance in case of death;
  • insurance in case of permanent or temporary dissability;
  • insurance in case of traumas or bone fractures;
  • daily allowance;
  • hospital cash allowance.

We will help You to control and to reimburse not only the losses related to the damage to Your property resulting from cyber attacks, but also the damage caused in the result of loss of third parties‘ personal data stored by the company. The cover against cyber risks is adapted to companies of all fields which in the operations use information technologies. Contact our insurance experts, submit a completed and signed questionnaire and receive our competitive offer.

By means of the insurance of responsibility in carrying out customs procedures, the policy holder ensures the completion of customs procedures and the payment of a debt incurred to customs. We offer, taking account of the needs of Your company:

  • Individual guarantees intended for completion of one pre-customs or customs procedure. Amount of the guarantee corresponds to the full amount payable to the customs institution which is necessary to pay in order to release goods for free circulation.
  • Comprehensive guarantees used for a longer period (up to a year) and for a maximum possible amount of debt to customs.