Private Persons Insurance

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On the average, over three thousand drivers get involved into traffic accidents causing damage to health and over ten thousand fires occur destroying property every year. These and other accidents have a negative impact on You and Your family‘s welfare. LEGATOR insurance brokers will help You to feel safe and to get a real protection from the insurance contracts. We guarantee personal attitude to our clients in order to fully understand and to manage any risks and also offer the economically best solutions. In case of any insured event, we will take care that You receive an insurance benefit in a smooth and efficient way. LEGATOR cares for Your welfare and therefore we are always ready to represent Your interests!

Even experienced drivers sometimes have accidents. However, You do not need to worry if You hold the CASCO insurance offered by LEGATOR – any damage caused to Your vehicle will be compensated irrespective of the fact, who is the person responsible for the accident, Yourself or another person. If You take out the CASCO insurance, You will also be indemnified any losses resulting from a theft of Your vehicle or its parts, intentional acts of any third parties, natural calamities, fire and any other damages or destruction.

Compulsory drivers‘ civil liability insurance covers not only a vehicle but also a driver‘s civil liability towards other persons and their property. All motor vehicles driven on the roads and registered in Lithuania must be covered by this insurance. Select the price since Legator provides competitive offers!

Civilian property insurance will help to cover the financial losses incurred to Your property in the result of unexpected events. You have a choice to insure both, Your real and Your immovable property. The insurance offers differ not only by a scope of the insured events, but also by an upper limit for insurance benefits applied to some specific property groups. Consult a LEGATOR insurance broker and we will help You to select the most relevant insurance solution.

Accidents, such as traffic accidents, various traumas in the result of slipping, falling down, sports traumas or any critical illnesses always occur unexpectedly and cause not only physical pain but also financial problems. LEGATOR insurance experts will help You to select the most relevant coverage option as well as the solutions for those who enjoy leisure activities of increased risk.

Travel insurance will help You to avoid any unplanned expenses while travelling abroad : if You require medical aid, lose Your luggage, wallet or are involved in any other events/ accidents. You were late for Your trip for serious reasons? Even such losses will be indemnified by the travel insurance. Contact us and we will help You to avoid any unplanned expenses while travelling abroad!