Construction insurance

is the number of companies in the construction sector with
which we share our long-standing business and financial risk management experience

Construction output in Lithuania and its significance to the gross domestic product is constantly increasing; therefore, in the beginning of 2017 the regulatory framework of construction works changed. In accordance with the new regulation on construction works and compulsory civil liability insurance, all improvement works related to building construction, repairs, reconstruction, demolition and cultural heritage objects must be covered by the compulsory construction works and civil liability insurance. Exception is solely  applied to simple constructions and dwellings repairs.

Building insurance has been offered by our company for over 20 years, therefore we have good knowledge of any risks which may be encountered by Your company. Contact our insurance experts and we will:

– carry out the audit of Your company‘s building insurance policies and will provide with the individual insurance solutions adapted to Your business
– analyse and offer the business risk solutions
– select insurance companies offering the best conditions
– professionally manage Your insurance contracts
– if an insured event occurs, we will comprehensively represent Your interests and will ensure that any construction-related financial losses incurred are fairly and efficiently indemnified.

We guarantee to our clients:


  • optimal insurance solutions for all risks of construction works (CAR) and suretyship with regard to proposal/ tender, advance payment, execution, and guarantee period;
  • legal assistance in drawing up contracts with subcontractors so that they conform to requirements of the insurance regulations and the Law on Construction;
  • assistance in reviewing conditions of the subcontractors‘ surety bond insurance so that they conform to the terms and conditions specified in the works contracts;
  • more favourable insurance conditions if to compare with those existing in the market, where Your subcontractors enter into contracts through brokerage of UADBB “LEGATOR”.

Improvement works related to building construction, repairs, reconstruction, demolition and cultural heritage objects must be covered by the compulsory building construction works and civil liability insurance. Exception is solely applied to simple constructions and repairs works attributed to teh category of simple repair works. Insurance cover is ensured for building construction works in the course of their execution, from the start until the completion of works. Contact our building insurance experts for any further consultation and for the offer of our best solutions.

With our long-standing experience in business and financial risk management, we provide surety bond insurance offers which are very often are compulsory for some specific business activities.
Contractual obligations surety insurance covers interests of the client in several ways:

  • warranty period surety insurance – ensures warranty service of object for some specific period.
  • tender guarantee surety insurance – protects clients from fictitious bids;
  • execution guarantee surety insurance – guarantees fulfillment of obligations in a timely manner and to full extent;

If You are interested in the building surety bond insurance, we kindly invite You to contact our insurance experts with whom You will be able to discuss Your individual needs and conditions.

With this specialized type of engineering risk insurance, under competitive conditions, we will help You to cover any special-purpose machinery which cannot be covered by an ordinary property and vehicle insurance. Advantages of this insurance:

  • continuous term of the cover during working hours and outside of working hours;
  • reimbursement of failures during loading and transportation, except for sea transportation;
  • insurance cover remains in force while the insurance object is leased or transferred for its use to any third parties, etc.

Building construction technical supervisor insurance provides financial protection for businesses and natural persons engaged in building construction technical supervision, where a recipient of the services (Your customer) submits a claim due to any faulty services or any financial losses incurred to Your customer in the result of the faulty services provided (being provided) by You.

Professional civil liability insurance is intended to protect business clients from any potential material losses against third parties, where damage is caused to their property, health or life in the result of pursuit of professional activities. This insurance is intended for any companies which are most often engaged in riskier commercial activities that could cause damage to third parties. Contact our insurance experts and we will consult You on the advantages offered by the insurance, calculate the competitive insurance price and will take care that Your professional civil liability receives adequate cover.

Construction designer‘s compulsory civil liability insurance indemnifies damage caused to the third parties and the customers in the result of a faulty construction design performed within a term of the contract. The insurance contract may be:

  • annual: insurance cover is valid for all construction design works carried out within a term of the insurance contract, where the contracts for design works were signed after the day of entry into force of the insurance contract;
  • for a separate object: insurance cover is valid solely for the design works of one specific construction. Insurance cover is additionally valid for 5 years (warranty period) from the day of transfer of all constructions works completed by the contractor to the builder (customer).