Transport insurance

The number of transport companies
that we insure, administer and constantly consult.

Road traffic accidents, various failures of commercial vehicles, cargo thefts and other risk factors are part of the logistics which affects profit and has negative impact on business relations. To our clients we offer transport and logistics insurance services of the highest quality which, if any insured event occurs, will cover damage and will allow to smoothly carry out own business.

LEGATOR insurance specialists are well-known as the experts of high, complex risk insurance and management in the transport field.  Our unique solutions based on long-standing experience actually contribute with regard to carriers in reduction of event frequency as well as help to improve claims ratio before insurers; therefore, we are able to offer lower insurance prices for the green card (TPVCA) along with better insurance terms and conditions to our clients.

Motor insurance CASCO is the insurance cover for Your vehicle against accident, theft and any other losses incurred in the result of any unexpected events. CASCO insurance ensures financial stability of the company and this way the company and/ or its shareholders can rest assured that in case of any event all losses incurred in the result of the damage will be indemnified.

We offer fleet insurance contracts for the companies owning over 10 vehicles, this way ensuring an easier process of management, a lower insurance premium and more favourable insurance terms and conditions. We also provide competitive offers to single insurance policies.

Compulsory driver civil liability insurance helps to cover Your civil liability and that of Your drivers driving the vehicles owned by Your company, providing Your business with the comprehensive cover:

  • Cover up toEUR 1 000 000 against the damage casued to property of third parties (damage to vehicle, contamination of environment, damage to road signs, buildings in the result of accident, destruction of green areas).
  • Cover up to EUR 5 000 000 against the damage caused to a person (health restoration costs, funeral costs, income foregone, change of profession in the result of injuries sustained in accident, loss of wage-earner, compensation of one-event non-material damage up to EUR 5 000).

CMR insurance contract covers the carrier‘s liability in transportation of cargos by international routes and helps to avoid financial losses in case of their damage, loss or transport delay. We assist our clients in assessment of their goods transportation risk and provide solutions for their management. A relevant CMR insurance can help Your company not only to avoid conflicts with customers but also from bankruptcy.

Freight forwarder civil liability insurance will help to cover liability of the company providing freight forwarding services to its clients. This insurance strengthens the customer‘s confidence in the freight forwarder and therefore is often required as a compulsory condition for the cooperation between the cargo owner and the freight forwarder.

We will help You to protect Your transported cargos by 100% under the best terms and conditions. Cargo insurance will help You to reduce Your business risks and to hold the financial guarantees that in case of any insured event Your losses resulting from the lost property – cargo will be indemnified. You can select the insurance cover according to Your needs:

  • All risks insurance cover
  • Insurance against specified risks indemnifying losses resulting from:
    • theft or robbery;
    • forces of nature;
    • fire or explosion;
    • vehicle accident;
    • fall of cargo or its part to the ground or into water

We will help to cover Your liability related to carrying out of loading works, storage of cargos, and terminal operations.

Thanks to the insurance against driver travel risks, Your company drivers will be insured against any acute illness, accident or cases where the policy holder causes damage to third parties abroad. We will offer You exceptional terms and conditions, where You decide to insure at least 10 drivers, covering:

  • Medical and repatriation costs;
  • accidents;
  • personal civil liability;
  • travel financial losses, etc.

We will help to protect Your company‘s employees from any accidents at work or 24 hours per day:

  • insurance cover in case of death;
  • insurance cover in case of permanent or temporary dissability;
  • insurance cover in case of traumas and bone fractures;
  • daily allowance;
  • hospital cash allowance.