Agricultural insurance

We help farmers to get a proper
insurance and safely carry out their business.

Agricultural sector is an important part of the Lithuanian economics both, in strategical and social point of view, therefore a special attention is paid to it. We offer the agricultural insurance conforming to the highest quality standards to our clients. The insurance covers crop against natural calamities, specialized machinery used in agriculture. Moreover, we offer compulsory, voluntary and additional insurance packages which will protect Your property and harvest from various insured events. If an insured event occurs, we assume obligation to represent Your interests for as long as the insurance benefit is paid and Your losses are indemnified. LEGATOR it is the specialists with long standing working experience who You can rely on.

The machinery insurance covers agricultural machinery and other road vehicles used in agriculture. Insurance companies offer compulsory, voluntary and additional insurance options which will protect You from various insured events. Insurance cover is intended for private and business clients who use the automotive machinery for personal needs and also for carrying out business commercial operations.

The building insurance covers not only walls, ceiling of Your dwelling but also any auxiliary constructions, fixed yard structures and other objects. The building insurance will indemnify You the damage caused by forces of nature, fire, water or third parties. Keep in mind that while purchasing the building insurance it is not always worth to choose the lowest price; therefore we recommend to take the decision only after having compared terms and conditions of different insurance companies or having consulted our brokers.

We help to insure Your farm animals. The cattle insurance will indemnify You losses not only if Your cattle becomes sick, sustain trauma, but also in the event if Your farm is damaged by fires or natural calamities, or damage is caused by other persons. If an accident occurs, You will also be indemnified the cattle disposal costs.